Wedding season is upon us!!

Phew! We have been so busy with weddings that we just haven’t had any time to blog! We have been keeping our Facebook page up-to-date with lots of info on weddings we’ve been doing in Margaret River, Dunsborough, Busselton, Bunbury, Harvey and the Ferguson Valley so far this year – so drop by and see for yourself! We’ll hopefully have some time over Christmas and the New Year to update you here. In the meantime here’s some selected pics to keep you in the loop!

IMG_20141015_135740 IMG_20141016_055940 IMG_20141027_064825 IMG_20141027_065351 IMG_20141030_071029 IMG_20141103_174530 IMG_20141107_185940 IMG_20141108_104951 IMG_20141201_161959 IMG_20141201_204346 IMG_20141203_144314 IMG_20141203_144556 IMG_20141203_145650